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"Mizutsubo-jizo" is said to be built in 1850.
There are two jizo on Yokogaki-toge Pass trail, and both is built in 1800's (Edo Period).

stone path made of "Yokogaki-ryumongan rock"
On Yokogaki-toge Pass, from Saka-no-toge Pass to Sakamoto village, you can enjoy good stone path. Stone path is very slippery, especially on rainy condition. Be careful !

two big cedar trees in Uwano village
From Takachira Bus Stop to the starting point of Fuden-toge Pass, you will find two big Japanese cedar trees.
Formaly there was a much more big cedar tree here, but it was fired out in 1885.
Here was a part of "Oroshi castle."

Hokai-to Buddhist Tower
On Fuden-toge Pass, there is "Hokai-to tower." "Hokai" means all of universe.

"Fuden" means "wind and convey," this name is from strong wind blowing around here.

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