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From Naiku to Tamaru trail

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Ise-jingu Shrine (Naiku)
Ise-jingu Shrine is the special one and many people visit here. It is said that visiting Ise-jingu Shrine is the first form of trip in Japan.
Uji-bashi Bridge and big torii is a gateway to the shrine.

Ise-jingu Shrine (Geku)
Geku is dedicated to Toyoukeno-Oomikami who presides foods. People worship it as God of food, clothing, shelter and industry.

Japanese-style House in Ise city
Ise city was prosper as the town of Ise-jingu Shrine. It was said that Ise was the center of culture in Japan.
There remains old Japanese-style houses in the city.

Asakichi Ryokan Inn
This is "Asakichi Ryokan Inn," one of the old Japanese-style buildings in Ise city.
You can enjoy row of houses like this at some points.

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