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Misesaka-toge Pass trail

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field of green tea tree
Odai-cho is famous for green tea. Along this trail there is much field of green tea tree.

Takihara-jinja Shrine
This photo is Takihara-jinja Shrine, which is located beside Miyagawa river.
Formerly pilgrims cross the river by ship at Mise-no-watashi Ferry, and after visiting this shrine they went over Misesaka-toge Pass.

road with ditches to drain the water off
Along road of Misesaka-toge Pass, there is ditches to drain the water off.(In this photo, it is on the right side of the road.)

stone statue of jizo at Misesaka-toge Pass
At the top of Misesaka-toge Pass, there is a stone statue of jizo, which sits in stone hut.

Takihara-no-miya Shrine
After going over Misesaka-toge Pass you get to Takihara-no-miya Shrine, which has strong connection to Ise-jingu Shrine. This shrine has big forest around buildings of shrine.

Japanese-style houses
Around Takihara-no-miya Shrine, there are some beautiful and magnificent Japanese-style houses. You should enjoy atmosphere of them.

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