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Meki-toge Pass trail

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old guidepost at Hara Otsuji
Along this trail, there ara many old guideposts, most of which was made in Edo era.

Meki-toge Pass with Senmaigan
Road of Meki-toge Pass is made of "Senmaidan"(a kind of metamorphic rock) whose surface seems like tree.

big cutting for a road
At the top of Meki-toge Pass, there is big cutting for a road.(Road is made by cutting big rock.)
This was made in Edo era, so it must be very difficult work.

Buddhist stone statues at Meki-toge Pass
At Meki-toge Pass, there are two Buddhist stone statues with gentle smile.

Yanahara Kannon
Yanahara Kannon is very famous in this area. Many people visit to pray various things.

field of Green tea tree
Along this trail, there are much field of green tea tree. Odai-cho and Taki-cho is famous for green tea.

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