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view from the summit of Oni-ga-jo castle
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Distance & Time
About 4.5km, About 2hrs.: From Odomari Station to Arii Station
--- easy walk

From Odomari station to Arii station, there are many things to see through this trail - good stone path, nice view from the summit of Oni-ga-jo castle, Shishi-iwa Rock, Hanano-iwaya Shrine, and so on.
Though there is short steep slope from Odomari to Matsumoto-toge Pass, you don't need much physical strength.

"Matsumoto-toge Pass trail" brief Map
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Matsumoto-toge Pass
Odomari Station ->(uphill, paved road, 10mins.)-> Starting Point(Odomari side) ->(uphill, stone path, 30mins.)-> Matsumoto-toge Pass ->(downhill, unpaved road and stone path, 20mins.)-> Starting Point(Kinomoto side) ->(even, paved road , 15mins.)-> Kumano-shi Station ->(even, paved road, 40mins.)-> Hanano-iwaya Shrine ->(even, paved road, 20mins.)-> Arii Station

by car Nagoya ==(Highway & Route 42 / 4hrs.)== Odomari Station ==(Route42/5mins.)== Kumano-shi Station ==(Route42/5mins.)== Hanano-iwaya Shrine
by train Nagoya Station ==(Nanki Express / 2hrs. and 30mins.)== Owase Station ==(Local / 43mins.)== Odomari Station ==(Local / 5mins.)== Kumano-shi Station ==(Local / 4mins.)== Arii Station
>Nagoya Station ==(Nanki Express / 2hrs. and 50mins.)== Kumano-shi Station

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