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Buddhist stone statues
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Distance & Time
About 4.7km, About 3hrs.: From Odomari Station to Hadasu Station
--- easy walk

This trail is a little different from other trails in "Ise-ji Route."On this trail there are 33 Buddhist stone statues which represent "33 Kannon Temple in Western Japan." In Edo period, Kannon Bodhisattva worship spread throughout the country and the pilgrimage to 33 Kannon Temple in Western Japan got so popular. Then people made a pilgrimage called "Kannon Ko" in their own area, and 33 Buddhist stone statues were donated by local people who take part in pilgrimage. Now they still gently watch people who pass by.
"Hionzan Seisui-ji Temple," which is on the summit of this trail, is commonly called "Tomari Kannon." Originaly it was constructed in 809 by Sakanoue Tamuramaro.
Usually, local people go up to "Tomari Kannon" from Odomari and back down to Odomari for pilgimage of "Kannon Ko."

"Kannon-michi Path trail" brief Map
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Kannon-michi Path Map
Odomari Station ->(uphill, paved road, 15mins.)-> Starting Point(Odomari side) ->(uphill, unpaved road and stone path, 60mins.)-> Seisui-ji Temple ->(downhill, unpaved road, 75mins.)-> Starting Point(Hadasu side) ->(downhill, paved road , 20mins.)-> Hadasu Station

by car Nagoya ==(Highway & Route 42 / 3hrs. and 50mins.)== Kata Station ==(Route311/15mins.)== Nigishima Station ==(Route311/10mins.)== Atashika Station ==(Route311/5mins.)== Hadasu Station ==(Route311/10mins.)== Odomari Station
>Nagoya ==(Highway & Route 42 / 4hrs.)== Odomari Station
by train Nagoya Station ==(Nanki Express / 2hrs. and 30mins.)== Owase Station ==(Local / 35mins.)== Atashika Station ==(Local / 5mins.)== Hadasu Station ==(Local / 3mins.)== Odomari Station

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