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stone path on Hadasu-no-michi
A beautiful stone path on Hadasu-no-michi Path is said that it was constructed in Kamakura era (1185-1333). This is the oldest among remains in "Ise-ji Route."
It is very short but its atmosphere is unique.

town of Hadasu- Jofuku-no-miya Shrine
Hadasu-cho has the legend of "Jofuku," who was washed ashore here from "Shin (ancient China)" for an elixir of life.
The big tree of the left picture is "Jofuku-no-miya Shrine."

stone path on Obuki-toge Pass
Obuki-toge Pass is famous for its beautiful bamboo forest (next picture), but there is good stone path on this trail.

bamboo forest on Obuki-toge Pass
Around Obuki-toge Pass, there is beautiful bamboo forest. There is few path which through bamboo forest in "Ise-ji Route," and this is the most beautiful.

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