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good stone path on Crossing Mt.Yaki-yama trail

good stone path on Crossing Mt.Yaki-yama trail

stone path covered with green moss

"Ise-ji Route" is famous for its good stone path. And it is said that stone path of "Magose-toge Pass" is the most beautiful. But this trail has also wonderful stone path.

There two paths from Miki-toge Pass, and only "Edo-no-michi path" is a part of world heritage. Because of it, not many people walk on "Meiji-no-michi path." Then, on that path, you could see stone path covered with green moss which is very beautiful but very slippery.

milestones shaped to jizo
On this trail, there were 50 milestones shaped to jizo, but now only 33 are remained.
Some of them are complete, some are broken. Each one is defferent, so you can enjoy expression of them.

a view from Sakura-no-mori Area
Sakura-no-mori Area, near the summit of Mt.Yaki-yama, is the best viewing point on this trail.
From there, you can see Kumano-nada Sea, Kuki-cho, Shima Penisula(on fine day), and so on.
There is a grass feild which is good for rest, and lunch.

Mikisato Beach
From Mukai, the district is Mikisato, which is famous for a beautiful beach(Mikisato Beach.)
If you get there, blue water and white sand will set your mind at ease.
Of course, you can enjoy swimming in summer.

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