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Magose-toge Pass trail

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Stone Path on sunny day

Stone Path Going on Gods

"Ise-ji Route" is famous for its good stone path. There are many trails that have good stone path.
But stone path of Magose-toge Pass seems the most beautiful.
You can enjoy stone path enough, but be caraful ! Stone path is very slippery especialy on wet condition.

A View from the summit of Mt.Tengura
From the summit of Mt.Tengura, you can see Owase city.
From Magose-toge Pass to Mt.Tengura, sharp slopes last and it takes about 30mins. But it is worth for your challenge.

Yonaki-jizo (stone statue of jizo)
There is Yonaki-jizo (a stone statue of jizo). Local people take care of him earnestly.

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