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Magose-toge Pass trail
Stone Path of Magose-toge Pass
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Distance & Time
About 11.5km, About 4hrs. and 30mins.: From Aiga Station to Osone-ura Station
(About 7.5km, About 3hrs. and 30mins.: From Aiga Station to Owase Station)
--- a little hard walk

Magose-toge Pass is the boundary between Kihoku-cho town and Owase city.
This trail is the most popular among the trails of "Ise-ji Route" because of its beautiful stone path lasting about 2km. Many people walk on this trail to enjoy typical atmosphere of Kumano Kodo.
Besides beautiful stone path, there is some historical interest, Yonaki-jizo and Sakura-jizo(stone statue of jizo), Magose-Ichirizuka(milestone), and Haiku monument on the top of the pass.

"Magose-toge Pass Trail" brief Map
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Magose-toge Pass Map
Aiga Station ->(slight uphill, paved road, 30mins.)-> Michi-no-eki Miyama rest station ->(slight uphill, paved road, 10mins.)-> Starting Point ->(uphill, stone path, 50mins.)-> Magose-toge Pass ->(sharp uphill, unpaved road, 30mins.)-> Mt. Tengura-san ->(sharp downhill, unpaved road, 20mins.)-> Magose-toge Pass ->(downhill, stone path, 30mins.)-> Magose-koen Park ->(downhill, paved road, 30mins.)-> Kitagawa-bashi Bridge ->(even, paved road, 20mins.)-> Owase Station ->(mostly even, paved road, 60mins.)-> Owase-bushi Guidepost ->(slight uphill and downhill, paved road, 25mins.)-> Osone-ura Station

by car Nagoya ==(Highway & Route 42 / 3hrs. and 10mins.)== Michi-no-eki Miyama Rest Station ==(Route 42 / 15mins.)== Owase Station ==( 10mins.)== Osone-ura Station
by train >Nagoya Station ==(Nanki Express / 2hrs. and 30mins.)== Owase Station ==(Local / 5mins.)== Osone-ura Station
>Nagoya Station ==(Nanki Express / 2hrs.)== Kii-Nagashima Station ==(Local / 25mins.)== Aiga Station ==(Local / 10mins.)== Owase Station

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